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Engineering Design Centre


Integrated optimisation methods and tools

The aim of this group is to improve the design process and designed products by effectively exploiting the potential of computational synthesis, search, optimisation and analysis tools to support and enhance the creativity and decision-making of engineering designers. Research is focused on advanced optimisation methods:

by applying simulated annealing and genetic algorithms to difficult real-world problems;
by developing multi-objective optimisation methods to support engineering design;
by investigating the analysis and design of nuclear reactor systems.

The research approach and methodology is to develop effective integrated computational design approaches (integrating search, optimisation and analysis tools) for particular applications from industry, and then, where possible and appropriate, to generalise these to other applications and industrial sectors.


Group Members

Professor Geoff Parks (Group Leader)
Dr Timoleon Kipouros (Principal Research Associate)
Tim Carew (Research Student)
David Vella Zarb (Research Student)



Effective Quadratures

Effective-Quadratures is a suite of tools for generating polynomials for parametric computational studies. These polynomials may be used to compute approximations to scientific models; tailored specifically for uncertainty quantification, optimization and numerical integration studies.