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Engineering Design Centre

For more than twenty-five years the Cambridge Engineering Design Centre (EDC) has undertaken fundamental and applied research to generate knowledge that improves the design process. Our work is driven both by intellectual curiosity and industrial collaboration, resulting in understanding, methods and tools that shape design theory and design practice.

The EDC engages in knowledge transfer activities through publications, education, training and ongoing engagements with government and other public institutions. More generally, we promote the value of engineering design in the UK and beyond, and the value of design education and design research.

The EDC represents eleven distinct groups, addressing a broad range of methodological approaches, professional practices and industry sectors:

Latest news

The latest publication in BMJ

25 September 2023

Hackmann C, Komashie A, Handley M, et al. Codesigning a systemic discharge intervention for inpatient mental health settings (MINDS): a protocol for integrating realist evaluation and an engineering-based systems approach. BMJ Open 2023;13:e071272. Available at: doi:10.1136/ bmjopen-2022-071272

John Clarkson awarded RAEng Medal

18 September 2023

John recognised with top Academy Award for improving systems thinking in healthcare