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Engineering Design Centre


Faster, cleaner, safer flight

The aim of this group is to research the role of computational models in the delivery of highly interactive technical systems:

  • by developing high performance design optimisation approaches;
  • by studying the use of robust computational design in aerospace systems;
  • by investigating the aerodynamic design of shock control bumps for swept transonic flows.

The group is currently collaborating with compressor and turbine aerodynamics specialists at Rolls Royce, UK.

Group Members

Associated Projects

Digital Twins for Improved Dynamic Design (DigiTwin)

The aim of the project is to create a robustly-validated virtual prediction tool called a "digital twin". A digital twin is much more than just a numerical model: It is a virtualised proxy version of the physical system built from a fusion of data with models of differing fidelity, using novel teachniques in uncertainty analysis, model reduction, and experimental validation.