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Engineering Design Centre


Assistant Professor in Healthcare Systems (University of Cambridge) 

Consultant Anaesthetist (Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust)


Research groups: Health Systems Design Group
Interests: Global health, perioperative medicine, systems engineering, neurotrauma
Email: tb508@


  • PhD Engineering: A Systems Approach to Global Health. University of Cambridge, 2021
  • FRCA Fellow of the Royal College of Anaesthetists, 2014
  • MRCP Member of the Royal College of Physicians, 2010
  • MBBS Clinical Medicine. St George’s Hospital Medical School, University of London, 2007
  • MBiochem (Hons) Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry. University of Oxford, 2002

Tom's principal academic interest is in developing a systems understanding of interventions to improve peri-operative care in low income settings, working closely with the NIHR Global Health Research Group on Neurotrauma.  His introduction to global health came working with VSO in Ethiopia between 2011-2012, during which time he closely worked with Lifebox Foundation, and for which he was awarded the AAGBI/MPS Patient Safety Prize. He has worked in Myanmar with the Cambridge-Yangon Trauma Intervention Project since 2013, and the Uganda Cambridge Partnership since 2020. 

Selected publications

Maas AIR, Menon DK, Manley GT...Bashford T..., Zemek R et al. Traumatic brain injury: progress and challenges in prevention, clinical care, and research. Lancet Neurology. 2022.

Smith BG, Whiffin CJ, Esene IN, Karekezi C, Bashford T, Mukhtar Khan M, et al. (2022) Neurotrauma clinicians’ perspectives on the contextual challenges associated with traumatic brain injury follow up in low-income and middle-income countries: A reflexive thematic analysis. PLoS ONE 17(9): e0274922.

Lynch M, Yoo J, Mukami D, Arian W, Bashford T, Hobden P, Luthra P, Patel M, Ralph N, Winters N, McGrath L, Simms B. Principles to guide the effective use of technology to support capacity development in global health partnerships. BMJ Glob Health. 2022 Jul;6(Suppl 6):e006783. doi: 10.1136/bmjgh-2021-006783.

Kohler K, Jankowski MD, Bashford T, Goyal DG, Habermann EB, Walker LE. Using network analysis to model the effects of the SARS Cov2 pandemic on acute patient care within a healthcare system. Sci Rep. 2022 Jun 16;12(1):10050. doi: 10.1038/s41598-022-14261-3.

Kohler K, Nwe Myint PP, Wynn S…Bashford T et al. Systems approach to improving traumatic brain injury care in Myanmar: a mixed-methods study from lived experience to discrete event simulation. BMJ Open 2022;12:e059935. doi: 10.1136/bmjopen-2021-059935

Clark D, Joannides A, Adeleye AO, Bajamal AH, Bashford T…Hutchinson PJ et al on behalf of the Global Neurotrauma Outcomes Study (GNOS) collaborative. Casemix, management, and mortality of patients receiving emergency neurosurgery for traumatic brain injury in the Global Neurotrauma Outcomes Study: a prospective observational cohort study. Lancet Neurology. 2022 doi:10.1016/S1474-4422(22)00037-0

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Whiffin CJ, Smith BG, Esene IN, Karekezi C, Bashford T … Figaji A et al Neurosurgeons’ experiences of conducting and disseminating clinical research in low-income and middle-income countries: a reflexive thematic analysis BMJ Open 2021;11:e051806. doi: 10.1136/bmjopen-2021-051806

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Selveindran SM, Hutchinson P, Brayne C, …Bashford T et al. 3C.003 Global prevention of neurotrauma-road traffic collisions (GPONT-RTC). Injury Prevention 2021;27:A24.

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Bukauskas A, Koronaki A, Lee TU, Ott D, Al Asali MW, Jalia A, Bashford T, Gatóo A, Newman J, Gattas JM, Shah DU, Ramage M. Curved-crease origami face shields for infection control. PLoS One. 2021 Feb 8;16(2):e0245737. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0245737.

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Bashford T.  Quality Improvement in Low Resource Settings: An Ethiopian Experience. British Journal of Hospital Medicine. 2013 May 79(5) p.286-288.

Public engagements

2021 Healthcare systems: the future of global health Essay for the Coalition for Global Prosperity as part of the collection: The Future of Aid, Development in the 2020s. Published at Westminster Abbey, September 2021.

2021 Five Questions with…Dr Tom Bashford
Interview with THET exploring why expanding access to surgical care is so important, how we can ensure progress made towards health equity is not lost due to Covid-19, and what more needs to be done in this International Year of Health and Care Workers to ensure their voices remain heard.(

2021 Trauma care in Myanmar: the bigger picture
Interviewed for the ‘Anaesthesia Compass’ podcast exploring different aspects of global anaesthesia (

2019 Partnership, collaboration, and working toward shared goals
Blog for THET exploring issues around collaboration within international health partnerships.

2016 ‘The Checklist Effect’
Interviewed for Lifebox film detailing international efforts to implement the WHO Surgical Safety Checklist

2012 ‘Into Thin Air’
BMJ Blog in support of Lifebox BMJ Christmas Appeal 2012

2012 ‘Road to Safer Surgery’, Yekatit 12 Hospital, Addis Ababa
Produced in association with the Clinton Health Access Initiative, Ethiopia

2012 ‘How to Implement the Safe Surgery Checklist’, Yekatit 12 Hospital, Addis Ababa
Produced in association with the Clinton Health Access Initiative, Ethiopia

2012 Voluntary Service Overseas: Anaesthesia in Ethiopia
A video detailing some of the work of this placement can be found at:

Takes PhD students
Available for consultancy