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Engineering Design Centre


Research Student

Research group: Design Practice Group
Telephone: +44 1223 748245
Email: ep650



  • BSc, Industrial Engineering, Universidade Federal de Sao Carlos – Brazil, 2021
  • MSc, Industrial Engineering, Universidade Federal de Sao Carlos – Brazil, 2021


Esdras Paravizo is a doctoral research student at the Engineering Design Centre (EDC). He is a member of the Design Practice Group, and supervised by Prof Nathan Crilly. His research focusses on engineering design and creativity, looking at how computer games can be employed to foster design creativity in educational and practical settings.

Prior to starting his PhD, Esdras pursued research activities in the fields of ergonomics and human factors and industry 4.0, taking part in international research projects at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) and Technische Universität Berlin (TU Berlin). His work on using game engines for ergonomics analysis and design was awarded the KU Smith Student Award from the International Ergonomics Association in 2018.

Besides his research activities, Esdras gained practical experience through university-industry partnerships and consultancy projects in Brazil and also took part in outreach and extension activities.

Selected Publications

Esdras’s publications are available from Google Scholar and Orcid

Esdras Paravizo
Not available for consultancy