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Engineering Design Centre


Research Student

Research group: Computational Design Group
Telephone: 01223 748567
Email: cyw28

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  • MEng, BA (Cantab) - Information and Computational Engineering, University of Cambridge, 2018

Chun Yui (Nicholas) Wong is a research student at the Computational Design Group at the Engineering Design Centre (EDC), supervised by Dr. Pranay Seshadri and Dr. Geoff Parks. His work focuses on the theory and implementation of data-efficient algorithms to aid computational design, such as dimension reduction.

During his undergraduate years, he learnt about various aspects of signal processing, data science and machine learning. In his master's project, Nicholas worked on the use of compressed sensing on multidimensional orthogonal polynomial models to develop subset-based dimension reduction heuristics via sensitivity analysis.

His current research will involve generalisation to subspace-based dimension reduction techniques, in addition to application of these methods to analyse the impacts of manufacturing deviations in turbomachinery components.

Not available for consultancy