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Engineering Design Centre


For more than twenty-five years the Cambridge Engineering Design Centre (EDC) has undertaken fundamental and applied research to generate knowledge that improves the design process. Our work is driven both by intellectual curiosity and industrial collaboration, resulting in understanding, methods and tools that shape design theory and design practice.

The EDC engages in knowledge transfer activities through publications, education, training and ongoing engagements with government and other public institutions. More generally, we promote the value of engineering design in the UK and beyond, and the value of design education and design research.

The EDC represents thirteen distinct groups, addressing a broad range of methodological approaches, professional practices and industry sectors:

Significant prior knowledge is required to design a jet engine

Knowledge Management Group

Aylmer Johnson

Capture, storage and retrieval of engineering knowledge

Multiobjective optimisation is required to design a nuclear power plant

Computational Design Group

Dr Geoff Parks

Integrated optimisation methods and tools

A complex design process is required for major building projects

Process Management Group

Professor P John Clarkson

Improving design process performance

A phychiatrist's hands holding the palm of her patient

Healthcare Design Group

Professor P John Clarkson

Design for quality and safety

A designer at work

Design Practice Group

Dr Nathan Crilly

Relating designers, artefacts and users

A design team discussing project issues

Design Management Group

Dr James Moultrie

Managing design to create better products

A design team brainstorming in a creative office

Intelligent Interactive Systems Group

Dr Per Ola Kristensson

Designing, building and studying interactive systems

Aeronautical engineering effects all aspects of aircraft design

Aeronautical Design Group

Dr Jerome Jarrett

Faster, cleaner, safer flight

Extreme mountain biking demands expert mechanical design

Product Design Group

Dr Digby Symons

Innovative mechanical design

Forthcoming events

Latest news

Inclusive Design team, together with Unilver, have helped to improve mobile shopping experience worldwide. Further information is available here.

The EDC publishes a new website offering guidelines to improve the clarity of e-commerce images. November 2017.

Tariq Masood receives the prestigious Telford Premium award for the best journal paper: Towards the future-proofing of UK infrastructure. October 2017.

Report on Engineering Better Care published by the Royal Academy of Engineering. September 2017.

John Clarkson delivers Keynote address to ICED17 in Vancouver. August 2017.

Recent publications 

Dudley, J.J., Schuff, H. and Kristensson, P.O. (2018). Bare-handed 3D drawing in augmented reality. In Proceedings of the 13th ACM Conference on Designing Interactive Systems (DIS 2018). ACM Press: forthcoming.

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Patrick Pradel, Zicheng Zhu, Richard Bibb & James Moultrie (2018) Investigation of design for additive manufacturing in professional design practice, Journal of Engineering Design, Published online: 22 Mar 2018.

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