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Engineering Design Centre

Resources overview


Resources overview

Good design is fundamental to product success and improvements in people and processes are just as vital for the health of a business as developments in technology. The Cambridge Engineering Design Centre delivers practical tools and methods to industry, based on rigorous research and a deep understanding of engineering design.

The EDC has produced a wide range of books and tools including a recent 25 Anniversary Guide to the centre itself.

Book cover

Cambridge Engineering Design Centre

John Clarkson. Cambridge Engineering Design Centre.

For more than twenty-five years the Cambridge Engineering Design Centre has undertaken fundamental and applied research to generate knowledge that improves the design process. This book provides an introduction to the diversity of people, activities and collaborators that have contributed so effectively to this endeavour.


From Modularity to Emergence: a primer on the design and science of complex systems

Chih-Chun Chen, Nathan Crilly. Cambridge Engineering Design Centre.

This 'primer' introduces a domain-neutral framework and diagrammatic scheme for characterising the ways in which systems are modular or complex. It allows researchers and practitioners from different disciplines to share methods, theories and findings related to the design and study of different systems, even when those systems appear superficially dissimilar. Other work associated with the primer is available from a dedicated microsite.