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Dr James Moultrie

University Senior Lecturer in Design Management

  • PhD, Cambridge University
  • MBA (Distinction), Loughborough university
  • MA, Industrial Design, DeMontfort University
  • B.Tech (Hons), Mechanical Engineering, Loughborough University
  • Member of the Institute of .Mechanical Engineers
  • Fellow of Selwyn College

James Moultrie is a University Lecturer in Innovation and Design Management. His research interests seek to improve the utilisation of design skills and increase design/innovation capability at project, firm and national levels. Specific interests include design management, design strategy and the role of the physical environment on enhancing innovation. His PhD focused on assessing and improving design capabilities in small firms. James is a Chartered Mechanical Engineer (IMechE) and has over ten years of industrial experience as a project manager, senior engineer and marketing product manager in the precision instruments sector. He has a 'Scientific and Technical Academy Award' and an Emmy for work on a range of lenses for professional 35mm cinematography. James is responsible for research activities in Innovation and Design Management.

Research Groups

Research Interests

  • Measurement of design capability at a firm and national level
  • Strategic management of design
  • New approaches to managing new product development
  • Product aesthetics

Selected Publications

Moultrie J, Clarkson P J, Probert D R, (2007), Development of a design audit tool, Journal of Product Innovation Management, Vol. 24 No. 4

Moultrie J, Clarkson P J, Probert D R, (2006), Development of a product audit, Journal of Engineering Manufacture, Proceedings of the I.Mech.E Part B, Vol. 220 No. 7, pp 1157-1174

Lewis M, Moultrie J, (2005), The organisational innovation laboratory, Journal of Creativity & Innovation Management, Vol. 14 No. 1, pp 73-83

Crilly N, Moultrie J, Clarkson P J, (2004), Seeing things: response to the visual domain in product design, Design Studies, Vol. 25 No. 6. pp547-577

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