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Engineering Design Centre

Intelligent Interactive Systems Group


Intelligent Interactive Systems Group

Intelligent Interactive Systems Group

Designing, building and studying interactive systems

We focus on understanding how to design interactive systems that enable people to be more creative, expressive and satisfied in their daily lives. We build systems that amplify people's ability to efficiently interact with computer systems.

Research areas:

  • Intelligent interactive systems
  • Human-computer interaction
  • Accessibility, inclusive design and augmentatative and alternative communication
  • Human computation and crowdsourcing
  • Interaction science

Some recent media coverage of our work:

Group Members

  • Dr Per Ola Kristensson (Group Leader and Principal Investigator)
  • Dr Jason Jacques (Research Associate)
  • Dr Stephen Uzor (Research Associate)
  • John Dudley (PhD student researching interactive visual analytics for virtual reality)
  • Max Nicosia (PhD student researching intelligent multi-display environments)
  • Shyam Reyal, University of St Andrews (PhD student researching mobile text entry)
  • Slawomir Tadeja (PhD student researching virtual and augmented reality interfaces in information visualisation)
  • Qisong Wang (Research student)
  • Bo Kang (Research student)