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Engineering Design Centre

James Gross


James Gross

James Gross

Research Student

Research group: Computational Design Group
Telephone: 01223 748566

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  • BSc, Mathematics, University of Manchester, 2013
  • MSc, Advanced Computational Methods for Aeronautics, Flow Management, and Fluid-Structures Interaction, Imperial College London, 2017

James Gross is a research student and researcher at the Engineering Design Centre (EDC). He is a member of the Computational Design Group, and is supervised by Dr Geoff Parks. He will research Computational Design Optimisation of a centrifugal pump. Therefore, his current research will involve using detailed CFD code and optimization algorithms to determine the best design configuration for a given set of objectives.

During his undergraduate, James became familiar with a number of numerical methods used in CFD and optimization. His undergraduate dissertation was concerned with the mathematical modeling of blood flow in the arteries. After teaching English and mathematics in China for over two years, James completed his master’s degree, where he further studied methods for CFD and fluid dynamics. For his master’s thesis, James designed time optimal controllers for a 3 DOF pseudo-helicopter. This involved using an interior point method to continuously solve optimization problems, and determining the best choice of controller design parameters using multi-objective optimization.