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Engineering Design Centre

Chih-Chun Chen


Chih-Chun Chen

Chih-Chun Chen

Research Associate

Research group: Design Practice Group
Telephone: +44 1223 74569

Personal website


  • PhD Computer Science (University College London)
  • MSc Computer Science (University College London)
  • BA Psychology with Philosophy (University of Oxford)

I am a research associate working on the IdEAS project, which studies the design principles and practices that lead to innovation and high quality solutions in emerging technologies. Within the project, I am focused mainly on principles and practices relating to complex design problems which involve practitioners from different domains and disciplines. I am particularly interested in addressing the challenges associated with interdisciplinary communication and knowledge sharing. My other research interests and collaborations include Cognitive Science, Machine Learning, Computational complex Systems modelling, Behavioural Finance, Systems Biology, and the Epistemology of Complexity Science.

Selected Publications

These are the publications most relevant to the IdEAS project, but a full list of my publications (on both Agent-Based modelling and Socio-techno systems) can be found on my personal homepage.

Chen, C-C. and Crilly, N. Describing complex design practices with a cross-domain framework: learning from Synthetic Biology and Swarm Robotics. Research in Engineering Design, March, 2016.

Chen, C-C. and Crilly, N. Modularity, redundancy and degeneracy: cross-domain perspectives on key design principles. In 8th Annual IEEE International Systems Conference, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, March 31-April 3 2014, IEEE 2014. 

Chen, C-C. and Crilly, N. Towards a framework of design principles: Classifying system features, behaviours and types. In DRS 2014, June 15-19 2014.

Chen, C-C., Nagl, S. B., Clack, C. D. Complexity and Emergence in engineering systems. In Complex Systems in Knowledge-based environments, Springer, 2009.