Citing CAM


When is a CAM citation required?

CAM is provided as free software. It is also the output of a long-term research effort. As part of the licensing conditions, we thus require that you cite one of the publications listed below if:

  • you refer to CAM or any CAM toolbox in your publication, or;
  • you include models, screenshots, or other outputs generated using CAM or any CAM toolbox; or
  • you refer to a toolbox you have developed using the CAM platform (citation to be placed in an appropriate context, of course!).

How to cite CAM in a bibliography

Overviews of the software that may be used for citation are:

One of these specific items should always be used; citing this website, or another paper describing CAM, is not sufficient on its own.

More information about our research

CAM has been developed as a research project in the Engineering Design Centre at Cambridge University Engineering Department. More information about EDC research is available on our research pages.