HCI and the Older Population

Joy Goodman, Anna Dickinson (eds.)

Workshop at HCI 2005, Napier, Edinburgh, UK, 5 Sep 2005.


This paper describes a workshop on HCI and the older population, which will provide a forum for the presentation of current work and a platform for discussing key challenges in this area. HCI issues for older people are extremely important in the light of the rapidly ageing population in developed countries and the potential offered by computerised technology, a potential that can only be fulfilled if the technology can be used effectively by its target user group. In particular, the workshop will focus on questions of the identity of the older population and what makes this group distinct (or not) from the rest of the population. With the rise of approaches such as inclusive design that seek to design for as wide a group as possible, it is important to examine the place of designing specifically for the older population. This workshop aims to build up and support the community in this area, encouraging communication and addressing key issues together.

The workshop proposal

More information on the workshop

More information on the workshop including a copy of the proceedings and a report on the day (and eventually a summary of discussions) can be obtained from the workshop's website (external site).

Photos from the day are also available on my website.

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