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Research Associate, Engineering Design Centre,
Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge
Cambridge CB2 1PZ, UK
Office: EDC Loft
Tel: +44 (0)1223 748568 E-mail: jag76 (NB. Remove the space from the e-mail address to e-mail me.)

Work Information

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My research is focused on inclusive design, that is design that is usable by and suitable for a larger range of users, including those who are older or disabled. If you want to know more about this topic, my research group has developed an online toolkit giving a good introduction to and practical guidance for inclusive design.

I am currently working in the Inclusive Design group at the Engineering Design Centre (EDC), Cambridge University. My research focuses on developing methods, training and tools to help designers and design managers to put inclusive design into practice. These include capability loss simulators (gloves, glasses and software), and an exclusion calculator for estimating how many people would be unable to use a product or service based on their sensory and motor capabilities.

I am also currently working with the Healthcare design group, developing the SSA toolkit, which provides guidance on prospective risk analysis in healthcare settings.

I previously worked on the i~design 2 and 3 projects. Among other work, we constructed and conducted a pilot survey to gather population-level data on people's capabilities for use in product design. I am also involved in consultancy work in inclusive design, and have conducted work for BT looking at the effectiveness of distributed meetings.

More information about my research, including details of my publications, can be found on my research page.

Personal Information

I am a Christian and this is very important to me. You can find out more about what I mean by this on my page about Christianity.

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Joy Goodman-Deane
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