Process Management Group

Principal Investigator: Professor P John Clarkson

Improving Design Process Performance

Process Management research in the EDC examines how design processes behave, how they can be modelled, managed and re-organised to improve their performance. The theme comprises three complementary areas:

  • Design Processes and Systems research in the Cambridge EDC is concerned with how design processes and systems behave, how they can be modelled, managed and controlled. We focus on complex, iterative and multi-disciplinary design conducted in the organisational context.

    Our research interests range from theoretical aspects of modelling and simulation through to the application of model-based approaches to improve design practice. The applied research is conducted in close collaboration with industry, mainly through case studies with Rolls-Royce (aerospace).

  • Integrated System Design, which is concerned with developing methods to manage the computational design and optimisation of integrated systems such as aero-engines.

    A modelling approach, known as Signposting, is being developed to include route selection and process simulation in order to identify the best route through the design process and to optimise resource allocation. This project is working on developing suitable methods to integrate signposting with computational design and optimisation tools, specifically to develop methods to integrate 1D, 2D and 3D aerodynamic design methods for turbomachinery and to explore multi-disciplinary design of aeroengines.

  • Communication in Design, which is concerned with helping companies reflect upon communication in their design processes.

    Many companies are often less than satisfied with the quality of communication in their organisation, however, they may also find it difficult to articulate their concerns. Communication issues are often mistaken for other problems in processes or blamed on individuals and their performance. The aim of this research is to help companies to reflect on communication in their organisation and to capture the view of individuals regarding the state of communication and future improvement targets. To achieve this a communication audit tool is being developed that can be deployed in industry.

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