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Industrial Sustainability Group


Industrial Sustainability Group

Industrial Sustainability Group

Creating a sustainable future

The Industrial Sustainability Group researches the practical role of sustainability in a variety of areas, including the design of factories, cities, food systems and vehicles. In particular, we are researching how industry develops solutions that move us towards a sustainable future:

  • by understanding methods to rapidly scale resource efficiency;
  • by developing effective business model design tools;
  • by challenging current trajectories and preparing for a restorative industrial future.

Our research is driven by practice. We are currently working with Airbus UK, Jaguar/Land Rover, Brompton Cycles, Morgan Motor Company, The city of Porto, Nissan Technology Centre – Europe, Electrolux, Vitsoe and Toyota UK.

We have helped organisations create and implement structured responses to resolve a variety of problems. Our research has observed that each sector (and each company in it) is only unique in the particular details which hold it back from better performance. The common issues (including lack of innovation, limited collaboration, poor performance management) can benefit from structured responses.

Group Members

Associated Projects

EPSRC Centre for Industrial Sustainability logo

EPSRC Centre for Industrial Sustainability

A collaboration between Cambridge, Loughborough, Cranfield and Imperial College that envisions a more environmentally and economically sustainable future for all manufacturing with a resilient industrial sector adapting to uncertain future conditions and operating their businesses in ways that do not compromise the needs of future generations.



Value mapping tool

Cambridge Value Mapping Tool

The Cambridge Value Mapping Tool has been developed to elicit failed value exchanges among multiple stakeholders in a firm's network and uncover new value opportunities through a structured and visual approach. The tool has been used extensively in industry workshops and in education. 

Sustainable value analysis tool

Sustainable Value Analysis Tool

The Sustainable Value Analysis Tool (SVAT) is designed to help manufacturing companies identify opportunities to create sustainable value by analysing the captured and uncaptured value throughout the entire life cycle of products. The tool has been well received in 25 manufacturing companies across various sectors and of various sizes.

Business transformation tool

Business Transformation Tool

The Business Transformation Tool has been developed to support a business in turning a new value opportunity into a new business model. It has been used in workshops with 16 companies to provide a structured approach to understanding and managing complex multi-dimensional change and long-term sustainable business transformation.