Inclusive Design Group

Principal Investigator: Professor P John Clarkson

Countering design exclusion

The Inclusive Design Group researches the interplay between the demands products make of their users and the diverse range of capabilities of those users. In particular, we are researching how knowledge of inclusive design thinking in the design and retail community can enable the design of more inclusive products:

  • by understanding the impact of user diversity in product and service interaction;
  • by developing models of good design practice for design and retail professionals;
  • by embedding good design practice in the design and retail community.

Our work is driven by practice. We are currently working with Jaguar Land Rover, BAE Systems, Morphy Richards, Transport for London, Proctor and Gamble, John Lewis, Stora Enso, Heathrow Airport and others to deliver on a variety of research topics relating to cognitive interaction and inclusive design.

We have developed an Inclusive Design Toolkit, along with audit tools and wearable simulators, to encourage designers to deliver more inclusive products and services. The toolkit is also being developed, under the name ‘Designing Our Tomorrow’, to supporting the teaching of design and technology in schools.

Group Members