Design Managment Group

Principal Investigator: Dr James Moultrie

Managing design to create better products

The Design Management Group researches the role of understanding and improving the way the ways in which design and new product development are managed on the successful delivery of new products and services. In particular, we are researching how such approaches are utilised:

  • in creating sustainable, desirable, usable and producible new products and services;
  • in acting as an integrator between technology and users;
  • in promoting the importance of design at firm and national levels.

It is widely recognised that the design of great products and services is a key factor in the success of firms and the way in which the product development process is managed is critical to this success.

The group has delivered design tools that bring together opinions, experiences and perspectives from around the business to support team work, encourage customer focus and involvement, promote creativity and encourage good decision making.

Group Members