Change Management Group

Principal Investigator: Professor P John Clarkson

Modelling change in products

The Change Management Group researches the impact of change propagation in complex systems made up of components, activities or people. In particular, we are researching how knowledge of change propagation can influence the development of product architectures and design processes:

  • by generating a better understanding of the nature of change in complex systems;
  • by challenging current management of change practice in product and service design;
  • by developing novel and useful design change management tools.

Our research is driven by practice. We are currently working with Rolls-Royce, Airbus, GKN Aerospace, BT, Laing O’Rourke and others to deliver on a variety of research topics and to define the priorities for future study.

We have developed a novel approach to change propagation analysis, known as the Change Prediction Method (CPM), to assist in the management of complex systems. A software tool, the Cambridge Advanced Modeller (CAM), which supports CPM and the use of Dependency Structure Matrices has been developed and is being used in industry. An edited book on Design Process Improvement was published by Springer in 2005.

Group Members

Current Research