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Engineering Design Centre

Mailing lists


Mailing lists

There are a number of email mailing lists that can be used by members of the EDC. They are as follows:

edc-userseveryone with a login account on the EDC servers
edc-allall current members of the EDC
edc-socialfor social events and invitations
edc-utpfor members for the utp
edc-loftfor people in the EDC loft
edc-ashbyfor people in the Ashby lab
edc-boardfor members of the EDC board
edc-rafor Research Associates and those of similar status
edc-rsfor Research Students
edc-dpifor members of the DPI group
edc-dpi-rafor research staff in the DPI group
edc-includefor members of the Inclusive Design group
edc-medicalfor members of the Healthcare group
edc-enquiriesthe poor sods who deal with incoming spam
edc-softwarefor discussion of software matters
edc-servicefor the discussion of Service Design within the EDC
edc-medknowledgefor discussion of knowledge management applied to the healthcare sector
edc-dredfor discussion of the DRed software tool
edc-peoplefor members of the EDC "People" group
edc-camfor discussion of the Cambridge Advanced Modeller software
edc-practicefor discussion of Design Practice within the EDC
clahrc-allfor all members of the CLAHRC project
clahrc-edcfor members of the CLAHRC project at the EDC
clahrc-jbsfor members of the CLAHRC project at the Judge Business School
clahrc-rafor research associates of the CLAHRC project
clahrc-studentsfor students of the CLAHRC project

To send email to a mailing list, add to the end of the list name, and compose an email as normal. Posting to most of the above lists is restricted to addresses; to reduce spam, messages from non-Cambridge addresses are either moderated or silently dropped (depending on how much spam has to be moderated). If you wish to post from a non-Cambridge address, talk to Andrew.

Click on a list name to see its list of members. For a full list of all list members, click here.

If you wish to be added to or removed from a list, talk to Andrew.

None of the mailing lists have the word bounce in their address. Do not send email to any of the bounce addresses, as these are not the lists themselves, and serve only to irritate Andrew. Use the addresses shown above, for instance, to send to the edc-all mailing list.