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Dr Timoleon Kipouros


Timos Kipouros
Research Associate
Visiting Research Fellow in Power & Propulsion Sciences Group, School of Engineering, Cranfield University
Fellow at Homerton College

  • Diploma in Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering, University of Patras, Greece, 2002
  • PhD, Engineering (Multi-objective Aerodynamic Design Optimisation), Cambridge University, 2006

Timos joined the EDC in October 2002 after obtaining a Diploma in Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering from the University of Patras, Greece. Timos delivered his PhD in the EDC, under the supervision of Dr Geoff Parks and Professor Mark Savill, focusing on the Aerodynamic Design Optimisation of turbomachinery blades from multi-objective prespective. The Aerodynamic Design and the Optimisation was accomplished using detailed CFD codes, adaptive geometry representations and heuristic optimisation algorithms.

Timos is currently working on the development of High Performance Computing Distributed Design Optimisation Systems and Architectures for industrial applications. He maintains active links and collaboration with leading parties in the field, such as Airbus, Siemens, Rolls Royce, Nordex, as well as with academic collabotators in Monash University (Melbourne, Victoria), Griffith University (Brisbane, Queensland), Newcastle University (Newcastle, New South Wales), Tel Aviv University (Israel), CINVESTAV (Mexico), and University of Stuttgart (Germany).

Timos is a Fellow at Homerton College, where he teaches Part IA and IB Engineers in Structural Mechanics, Materials and Thermofluid Mechanics, and Special Supervisor in Engineering at Newnham College, where he teaches PIB Thermofluid Mechanics.

He is also a senior member of Staff in Cranfield University, where he is the leading researcher and co-supervisor of MSc, PhD and EngD projects in the Power & Propulsion Sciences Group, Department of Power and Propulsion, School of Engineering.

Research Interests

  • Multi-objective and Multi-disciplinary Optimisation
  • Robust and Reliability-based Design Optimisation
  • Post-processing and Analyses of Multi-objective Optimisation
  • Interactive Optimisation
  • Human-in-the-loop Computational Design Approaches
  • Parallel Coordinates for Design Optimisation
  • Visualisation and Management of High-dimensional Design Spaces
  • Fuel and Combustion Design
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • Racing Car Aerodynamics
  • Parallel and Grid Computing
  • Computational Design Process

Selected Publications

  • KIPOUROS, T. (2012) 'Stochastic Optimisation in Computational Engineering Design' in Advances in Intelligent and Soft Computing, Vol. 175, 475-490
  • FERRARO, G., KIPOUROS, T., SAVILL, A.M. and ABRAMSON, D. (2010) 'Grid Computing Design Optimisation using MOGA and NIMROD/O' in Proceedings of UK e-Science All Hands Meeting 2010, Cardiff, UK.
  • D'AMMARO, A., KIPOUROS, T., SADDAWI, S.D. and SAVILL, A.M. (2010) 'Computational Design for Micro Fluidic Devices Using Lattice Boltzmann and Heuristic Optimisation Algorithms' in Proceedings of Joint OCCAM/ICFD Lattice Boltzmann Workshop, Oxford, UK.
  • KIPOUROS, T., PACHIDIS, V., GHISU, T. and TEMPLALEXIS, I. (2010) 'Characterisation of the Uncertainties of the Operating Conditions in Turbomachinery Design' in Proceedings of ASME Turbo Expo 2010, Glasgow, UK. Paper Number: GT2010-23253
  • PANDYA, B., D'SOUZA, N.T., KIPOUROS, T. and SAVILL, A.M. (2010) 'Structural Design Optimisation for Helical Gear Pairs' in Engineering Simulation: Contributing to Business Success, NAFEMS-UK 2010, 131-135
  • TRAPANI, G., KIPOUROS, T. and SAVILL, A.M. (2010) 'Computational Aerodynamic Design for 2D High-Lift Airfoil Configurations' in Pegasus AIAA Student Conference, Sevilla, Spain
  • KIPOUROS, T. and SAVILL, A.M. (2009) 'Virtual Reality Display of Design Optimisation' in Emerging Applications for 3D Technologies and Interactivity, London Technology Network, London, UK
  • KIPOUROS, T., JAEGGI, D.M, DAWES, W.N., PARKS, G.T., SAVILL, A.M. and CLARKSON, P.J. (2008) 'Insight into High-quality Aerodynamic Design Spaces through Multi-Objective Optimization' in CMES: Computer Modeling in Engineering & Sciences, Vol. 37, 1-44
  • KIPOUROS, T., JAEGGI, D.M., DAWES, W.N., PARKS, G.T., SAVILL, A.M. and CLARKSON, P.J. (2008) 'Bi-Objective Design Optimization for Axial Compressors Using Tabu Search' in AIAA Journal, Vol. 46, 701-711
  • JAEGGI, D.M., PARKS, G.T., KIPOUROS, T. and CLARKSON, P.J. (2008) 'The development of a multi-objective tabu search algorithm for continuous optimisation problems' in EJOR feature issue on Adaptation of Discrete Metaheuristics for Continuous Optimization, Vol. 185, 1192-1212
  • KIPOUROS, T., GHISU, T., PARKS, G.T. and SAVILL, A.M. (2008) 'Use of Parallel Coordinates for Post-Analyses of Multi-Objective Aerodynamic Design Optimisation in Turbomachinery' in 6th Aerodynamic Design Optimisation Seminar (ADOS 2008), Rolls-Royce plc., UK
  • KIPOUROS, T., DUNSTAN, T.D., JENKINS, K.W. and CANT, R.S. (2008) 'Towards the Development of a Complete Computational Design System for Complicated and Advanced Combustion Applications' in SIAM 12th International Conference on Numerical Combustion, Monterey, California, USA
  • KIPOUROS, T., JAEGGI, D.M., DAWES, W., PARKS, G.T and SAVILL, M. (2005) 'Multi-objective Design Optimisation for Axial Compressors', in 3rd Aerodynamic Design Optimisation Seminar (ADOS 2005), Rolls-Royce plc., UK
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