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Dr Timoleon Kipouros

Timos Kipouros
Research Associate

  • 5-year Diploma, Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering, University of Patras, Greece, 2002
  • Ph.D., Engineering (Multi-objective Aerodynamic Design Optimisation), Cambridge University, 2006

Timos joined the Engineering Design Centre in October 2002 after obtaining a Diploma in Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering from the University of Patras, Greece. During his PhD in EDC, Timos focused on the Aerodynamic Design Optimisation of turbomachinery blades from multi-objective prespective. The Aerodynamic Design and the Optimisation was accomplished using detailed CFD codes, adaptive geometry representations and heuristic optimisation algorithms.

Timos is currently working on the development of High Performance Computing Distributed Design Optimisation Systems and Architectures for industrial applications, as well as human-in-the-loop Computational Engineering Design approaches. He maintains active links and collaboration with leading parties in the field, such as Airbus, GKN Aerospace, Siemens, Rolls-Royce, Nordex, as well as with academic collabotators in University of Bath (Bath, UK), Monash University (Melbourne, Victoria), Griffith University (Brisbane, Queensland), University of Queensland (Brisbane, Queensland), Newcastle University (Newcastle, New South Wales), Bond University (Gold Coast, Queensland), Tel Aviv University (Israel), CINVESTAV (Mexico), and Chalmers University (Sweden).

Timos is a Fellow, Director of Studies, and Tutor at Homerton College, where he also teaches Part IA and IB Engineers in Structural Mechanics, Materials, Dimensional Analysis, and Thermofluid Mechanics. He is a Special Supervisor in Engineering at Newnham College, where he teaches PIB Thermofluid Mechanics.

He is a Research Fellow in Cranfield University, where he leads research initiatives and supervision of MSc, PhD and EngD projects in the Power & Propulsion Sciences Group. He is also an Adjunct Research Fellow in the Institute for Integrated and Intelligent Systems at Griffith University, and a regular visitor academic to the Centre for Research Computing at University of Queensland.

Research Interests

  • Human-in-the-loop Computational Engineering Design
  • Interactive Optimisation
  • Parallel Coordinates for Design Optimisation
  • Visualisation and Management of High-dimensional Design Spaces
  • Parallel and Grid Computing
  • Computational Design Process
  • Multi-objective and Multi-disciplinary Optimisation
  • Post-processing and Analyses of real world Optimisation
  • Value Assessment
  • Value Driven Design

Selected Publications


KIPOUROS, T. and ISAKSSON, O. (2014) Integrating Value Assessment into the Computational Engineering Design Cycle, in OPT-i 2014: International Conference on Engineering and Applied Sciences Optimization, Kos Island, Greece. Paper 3620.

KIPOUROS, T. and ISSAKSON, O. (2014) Integrating Value Assessment into the Computational Engineering Design Cycle, in DiPaRT Workshop: The Airbus Flight Physics Distributed R&T Partnership – Annual Meeting, Airbus, Bristol, UK. poster


KIPOUROS, T., INSELBERG, A., PARKS, G. T. and SAVILL, A. M. (2013) Parallel Coordinates in Computational Engineering Design, in 9th AIAA Multi-Disciplinary Design Optimization Specialist Conference, Boston, Massachusetts. AIAA-2013-1750.

RAZZAQ, M., TSOTSKAS, C., TUREK, S., KIPOUROS, T., SAVILL, A. M. and HRON, J. (2013) Multi-Objective Optimization of a Fluid Structure Interaction Benchmarking, CMES: Computer Modeling in Engineering and Sciences, 90(4), 303-337.

TRAPANI, G., KIPOUROS, T. and SAVILL, A.M (2012) The Design of Multi-element Airfoils Through Multi-Objective Optimization Techniques, CMES: Computer Modeling in Engineering and Sciences, 88(2), 107-140.

KIPOUROS, T. (2012) Stochastic Optimisation in Computational Engineering Design, Advances in Intelligent and Soft Computing175, 475-490.

KIPOUROS, T., JAEGGI, D.M, DAWES, W.N., PARKS, G.T., SAVILL, A.M. and CLARKSON, P.J. (2008) Insight into High-quality Aerodynamic Design Spaces through Multi-Objective Optimization, CMES: Computer Modeling in Engineering and Sciences37(1), 1-44.

JAEGGI, D.M., PARKS, G.T., KIPOUROS, T. and CLARKSON, P.J. (2008) The development of a multi-objective tabu search algorithm for continuous optimisation problems, European Journal of Operational Research185(3), 1192-1212.


OLIVER, J. M., KIPOUROS, T. and SAVILL, A. M. (2015) Configuring an electrical power network with distributed generation by multi-objective optimization with evolutionary computing, Emergence: Complexity & Organization, 17(2).

FURLAN, F., CHIERGHIN, N., KIPOUROS, T., BENINI, E. and SAVILL, A. M. (2014) Computational Design of S-Duct Intakes for Distributed Propulsion, Aircraft Engineering and Aerospace Technology, 86(6), 473-477.

FISCHER, G. R., KIPOUROS, T. and SAVILL, A. M. (2014) Multi-objective Optimisation of Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine Structure and Energy Production using Aerofoil and Blade Properties as Design Variables, Renewable Energy, 62, 506-515.

SADDAWI, S. D., KIPOUROS, T. and SAVILL, A. M. (2013) Computational Engineering Design for Micro-scale Combustion Devices: A Thermally Improved Configuration, Proceedings of ASME Turbo Expo 2013, San Antonio, Texas. GT2013-94599.

KIPOUROS, T., PACHIDIS, V., GHISU, T. and TEMPLALEXIS, I. (2010) Characterisation of the Uncertainties of the Operating Conditions in Turbomachinery Design, Proceedings of ASME Turbo Expo 2010, Glasgow, UK. GT2010-23253.

KIPOUROS, T., JAEGGI, D.M., DAWES, W.N., PARKS, G.T., SAVILL, A.M. and CLARKSON, P.J. (2008) Bi-Objective Design Optimization for Axial Compressors Using Tabu Search, AIAA Journal46(3), 701-711.

KIPOUROS, T., JAEGGI, D. M., DAWES, W. N., PARKS, G. T. and SAVILL, A. M. (2005) Multi-Objective Aerodynamic Design Optimisation for Axial Compressors, ERCOFTAC Bulletin, 66(Sept), 21-24.


NGUYEN, H. A., ABRAMSON, D., KIPOUROS, T., JANKE, A. and GALLOWAY, G. (2015) WorkWays: Interacting with Scientific Workflows, Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience, DOI: 10.1002/cpe.3525.

LEWIS, A. and KIPOUROS, T. (2015) Methods of Interactive Optimisation in Engineering Design, in 13th International Conference on Computer Applications (ICCA2015), Yangon, Myanmar.

KIPOUROS, T. (2014) Using Parallel Coordinates to guide Optimisation Processes, in IEEE Vis 2014, Paris, France. Part of the Tutorial: Answering questions that we did not know how to ask, with Alfred Inselberg. poster

HETTENHAUSEN J., KIPOUROS, T. and LEWIS, A. (2014) A Web-Based System for Visualisation-Driven Interactive Multi-Objective Optimisation, Procedia Computer Science, 29, 1915-1925.

NGUYEN, H., ABRAMSON, D. and KIPOUROS, T. (2014) The WorkWays Problem Solving Environment, Procedia Computer Science, 29, 2284-2294.

KIPOUROS, T. and LEWIS, A. (2014) Understanding the Complexities in Turbomachinery Design by Visualising the Discontinuous Areas in the Design Parameter Space, in OPT-i 2014: International Conference on Engineering and Applied Sciences Optimization, Kos Island, Greece. Paper 3090.

HETTENHAUSEN, J., LEWIS, A., RANDALL, M. and KIPOUROS, T. (2013) Interactive Multi-Objective Particle Swarm Optimisation using Decision Space Interaction, in CEC 2013 - IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation, Cancun, Mexico. IEEE-2013-1350, 3411-3418.

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