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"Usability, Accessibility and Inclusive Design"

9th Cambridge Workshop on Universal Access and Assistive Technology

Fitzwilliam College, University of Cambridge, 9 - 11 April 2018

Breaking Down Barriers is the ninth of a series of workshops, started in 2002, that represent the inclusive design community. CWUAAT is a unique multi-disciplinary workshop where designers, computer scientists, engineers, architects, ergonomists, ethnographers,  policymakers and user communities meet.

In the context of developing demographic changes leading to greater numbers of older people and people living with impairments, the general field of inclusive design research strives to relate the capabilities of the population to the design of products, services, and spaces. CWUAAT has always had a successful multidisciplinary focus, but if genuine transdisciplinary fields are to evolve from this, the final barriers to integrated research must be identified and characterised. Only then will benefits be realised in an inclusive society. Barriers do not arise from impairments themselves, but instead, are erected by humans, who often, have not considered a greater variation in sensory, cognitive and physical user capabilities. Barriers are not only technical or architectural, but they also exist between different communities of professionals. Our continual goal with the CWUAAT workshop series is to break down barriers in technical, physical, and architectural design, as well as barriers between different professional communities.

We seek original research papers describing investigations within the following broad categories:

1. Breaking down barriers between disciplines

2. Breaking down barriers between users, designers and developers

3. Removing barriers to usability, accessibility and inclusive design

4. Breaking down barriers between people with impairments and those without

5. Breaking down barriers between scientists and policy makers

6. Removing barriers to open data and open government

7. Recent barriers to effective rehabilitation robotics

Keynote Speakers

Professor Peter Kyberd
Professor of Rehabilitation Cybernetics, Head of Department, Department of Engineering Science, University of Greenwich

Professor Annalu Waller OBE
Chair of Human Communication Technologies, University of Dundee

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Organising Committee

Dr Patrick Langdon, Engineering Design Centre, University of Cambridge
Dr Jonathan Lazar, Towson University and University of Pennsylvania, USA
Prof Ann Heylighen, KU Leuven, Belgium
Prof Hua Dong, Tongii University, China

Contact Information

For further information please contact:

Ms Mari Huhtala or Mrs Anna Walczyk
Department of Engineering
University of Cambridge
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Any comments are very welcome. Please send them to:

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