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20 May 2014New version of CAM alpha released on 20 May 2014
Many enhancements including significantly improved dsm functionality with numerical and multifield dsm support,CPM(Change propagation method) toolbox ,dependen ...
2 February 20131500 users have downloaded CAM!
11 December 2012CAM now works on Apple Mac as well as Windows
Download the latest version and see the download page for instructions.
6 December 2012Online article about application of CAM to process sequencing and collaboration
Rene Abreo from Cask LLC has written a short article explaining some applications of CAM: View the article
24 July 2012Dependency-structure analysis toolbox released
New structural analysis toolbox released (updated 22 Sep 2012). Get it from the Toolboxes page.
23 July 2012New version of CAM alpha released on 23 July 2012
Significant performance enhancements for large diagrams, improved node and edge configurability on diagram views, improved Gantt chart functionality,improved D ...
29 May 20121000 different users have downloaded CAM!
19 February 2012New use cases explain critical path analysis and DSM process simulation using CAM
New task-oriented use cases have been added to the Use cases page.
16 February 2012New version of CAM alpha released on 16 Feb 2012
New features include: -UI enhancements: settingline style(thickness, double lines), Setting arrowhead styles (parallel and perpendicular distance), multiline ...
2 January 2012700 different users have downloaded CAM!
CAM has been downloaded by 700 different users since its first release in 14 May 2010!
20 September 2011New version of CAM alpha released on 20 September 2011
New features include: import/export of CAM model and simulation data, enhanced Gantt chart, enhanced experiment design,browser style UI navigation support ,UI ...
4 March 2011New version of CAM alpha released on 04 March 2011!
New features include: simulation experiments, compound charts in simulation results. shortcuts to elements within CAM, shortcuts to files, search, efficiency i ...
17 January 2011Version of CAM alpha released on 17 Jan 2011!
New features include: Tree view to display process hierarchies, tabbed windows to support navigation through process hierarchy, PDF support for charts generate ...
14 December 2010CAM alpha released on 14 Dec 2010!
Improvements include new functionality for navigating and editing large hierarchical models, as well as many bug fixes and efficiency improvements.
28 October 2010CAM alpha updated version released on 28th October.
CAM alpha updated version released on 28th October. Many improvements to stability, usability and minor features such as diagram autolayout, additional and mor ...
2 June 2010CAM alpha new release available for download now! (21 July 2010)
A new CAM alpha release is available for download as of 21 July 2010, superceding the 14 May 2010 release. New in this release: 1) Improved ASM simulation func ...
2 June 2010CAM alpha is available for download now!
CAM alpha release (14 MAY 2010) is now available for download from this website.
11 December 2009New CAM website
A new CAM website is under development
10 December 2009'P3 Signposting' to be renamed 'Cambridge Advanced Modeller'
'P3 Signposting' is to be renamed 'Cambridge Advanced Modeller' for the forthcoming release