CAM is free for research, teaching and evaluation. It is developed for MS Windows, as a pure Java program it may also run on OS X and linux.

Commercial evaluation is allowed. Commercial use is subject to certain non-onerous conditions. Contact us for details.

Download and install CAM

STEP 1. Download and install Java 6.

STEP 2. Download CAM, and unzip it anywhere on your computer.

STEP 3 (OPTIONAL). Download and install any research toolboxes you wish to use.

To start CAM (On a Windows computer): Open the unpacked folder, and double-click CAM.bat

To start CAM (on an Apple or linux system): Follow the instructions on this page.

If you use CAM in support of published work, we require that you cite one of the original publications describing the software in the bibliography of that work. This is a condition of the free license!


If CAM starts but does not operate properly, you have an outdated version of Java. Follow the instructions above to get Java 6.

If you have followed the above instructions and CAM will not start, first please see the information on troubleshooting.

There are configuration issues to consider when using CAM on 64-bit Windows or on Apple Mac.

If you still have problems starting or operating the software, please contact us and we will help you get started.

Release schedule

CAM alpha has recently been released following many years' development as a research tool.

CAM was developed in an academic research group and contains a wide range of features and toolboxes developed by individual members of the group; some of these features and toolboxes are more mature than others.

Having undertaken to make CAM available for public download, to improve its stability we chose to initially remove many of the less mature and/or less thoroughly tested features prior to the first release.

We are now planning to incrementally release the remaining features and toolboxes on a regular development cycle. The capabilities of the current release and the planned upgrades in forthcoming development cycles are summarised below.

RELEASED - 14 May 2010 ASM process modelling and simulation toolbox plus Dependency Structure matrix toolbox.
RELEASED - 21st July 2010 General bug fixes, stability improvements and minor additional features to enhance flexibility of ASM/DSM toolboxes.
RELEASED - 27th/29th Jul/09 Aug 2010 ASM simulation bug fixes.
RELEASED - 28 Oct 2010 Diagramming bug-fixes and general useability improvements for diagramming.
RELEASED - 14 Dec 2010 Added new functionality : Option to view sub-process content as a new worksheet (instead of always 'opening' inside parent worksheet).

General bug fixes, stability improvements.

RELEASED - 17 Jan 2011 Added new functionality : Tree view to display process hierarchies, tabbed windows to support navigation through process hierarchy,PDF support for charts generated from simulation results.

General bug fixes, stability improvements.

RELEASED - 04 Mar 2011 New features include: simulation experiments, compound charts in simulation results. shortcuts to elements within CAM, shortcuts to files, search, efficiency improvements, release of CPM research toolbox, and many bug fixes.
RELEASED - 20 Sept 2011 New features include: import/export of CAM model and simulation data, enhanced Gantt chart, enhanced experiment design,browser style UI navigation support ,UI enhancements,new menu structure, efficiency improvements,and many bug fixes.
RELEASED - 16 Feb 2012 (Subversion number-4320) New features include: -UI enhancements: configurable diagram line style (thickness, double lines), configurable arrowhead styles and sizes, multiline formatted text for element names, configurable text alignment in diagram nodes, ability to reshape and rotate diagram nodes -ASM simulation logic enhanced to better handle intertwined concurrent processes with non-nested iterations. Gantt chart improved to show task dependencies and find critical paths and waste in simulation output and various bug fixes
RELEASED - 23 July 2012 (Subversion number-4933) New features include: Significant performance enhancements for large diagrams, improved node and edge configurability on diagram views, improved Gantt chart functionality,improved DSM algorithms and various bug fixes
RELEASED - 20 May 2014 (Subversion number-5834) Many enhancements including significantly improved dsm functionality with numerical and multifield dsm support,CPM(Change propagation method) toolbox ,dependency structure analysis tool box and flexible control of diagram display using formatting toolbar and node shape library.