Including CAM models in Office documents and slide shows


If you want to include a CAM model - or some sorts of chart created in CAM - in an office document or slideshow as a high resolution (vector) graphic, the easiest way is to use a (commercial or freeware) image editing program to convert the PDF output from CAM to an emf (Enhanced Metafile) or wmf (Windows Metafile) format, which is the vector graphics format used by Microsoft Office programs. Follow these steps:

  1. After creating your model or chart in CAM, export it to a PDF using the PDF button on the top toolbar of CAM
  2. Load the PDF using image editing software, eg. Adobe Illustrator or a free alternative such as PDF Reader for Windows
  3. In the image editing software, choose 'Save as' or 'Export'. Select the file format emf or wmf for export.
  4. In Microsoft Office, you can use 'Insert->Picture->From file' to add your picture. It will appear as a vector graphic suitable for high-resolution printing (although you may not be able to double-click the image to edit it, you should be able to zoom right in without the picture becoming 'blocky'.

Different image editors may convert the file differently; if it doesnt work properly the first time, try downloading a different editor. Also, emf and wmf may give different results.

If this does not work well, you can use the snapshot tool in Adobe Reader to take a snapshot in high-resolution, and then paste this image into Office as a bitmap.