EDC Seminars

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The Engineering Design Centre hold regular seminars and colloquia every term. The organisers invite internal speakers from the Centre itself which are held as Wednesday seminars. External speakers who are suitable for a wide audience are also invited and these talks are held on a Friday as colloquia.

Visitors are asked to please note the different schedules and locations of these talks:

  • EDC seminars occur on a Wednesday in Full Term at 4.00pm in the Sir Arthur Marshall Meeting room.
  • EDC colloquia occur on a Friday. The starting time and location of these talks will vary according to the speaker and details can be found in the list below.

EDC seminars and colloquia are open to all visitors of Cambridge University. Visitors without official Department badges are kindly asked report to the Engineering Department Reception on arrival.

Listed here are the EDC seminars and colloquia for the following term.

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